On The Issues



These days, too many politicians hide behind cleverly crafted statements and political double-speak. You shouldn’t need a translator to understand what your State Representative believes or where they stand on an issue. 

I’ll speak honestly with you about the challenges facing Texas, and I won’t pick my position based on what’s politically popular. You deserve a public servant fighting for you at the Texas Capitol, not a self-serving politician who only tells you what you want to hear. Even if we don’t see eye-to-eye on every issue, you’ll always know where I stand.



Thanks to the failed, open-border policies of the Biden Administration, illegal border crossings are at an all-time high. Drug cartels and gangs are exploiting the border crisis to

engage in human trafficking and flood our streets with deadly drugs like fentanyl.

 I’m a proud Hispanic Republican and the son of an immigrant who came to this country LEGALLY. I was raised to work hard, respect the rule law, and contribute something positive to this incredible country. If immigrating legally was good enough for my family, it’s good enough for anyone else who wants to come here.

As your State Representative, I’ll make it my top priority to end the Biden Border Crisis once and for all, and fully secure the border with walls, physical barriers, and increased law enforcement.



As the parent of a child in Round Rock ISD, I care deeply about the education our kids are receiving. Our schools should focus on addressing COVID-related learning loss and providing a quality education that prepares our kids to reach their full potential . . . not teaching divisive propaganda like Critical Race Theory.


As your State Representative, I’ll oppose the teaching of Critical Race Theory and any other political propaganda in our schools. I’ll fight to put money in the classroom (not in administration), reduce standardized testing, and get our kids back on track. Most importantly, I’ll empower parents to take charge of our children’s education . . . because parents and teachers know what is best for our kids, not Austin bureaucrats.



Our brave police officers and first responders put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe. But with cities like Austin actively working to defund the police, officers and their families need our support more than ever before.

As your State Representative, I’ll oppose any attempt to defund the police, and I’ll work to ensure that our law enforcement agencies have the resources, training, and support they need to protect and serve our communities.



As a Williamson County homeowner since 2013, I know exactly how out of control property taxes have become. As your State Representative, I’ll work to deliver real property tax relief to keep Texas families from being taxed out of their homes.

In the Texas House, I’ll also fight for the kind of pro-job, pro-growth policies that allow businesses to create an environment of opportunity for the people of House District 52.



Everywhere you turn, our personal freedoms are under attack. We need strong leaders who are prepared to fight back and defend our constitutional rights and individual liberties.

As your State Representative, I’ll oppose any vaccine mandates imposed against the people of Texas. I’ll also defend your right to bear arms and your right to protect your family, which is why I’ve received the top rating from the NRA.



Like many couples, my wife and I struggled with fertility issues for years before being blessed with our beautiful daughter, Noelle. We suffered a total of six heartbreaking miscarriages early in our marriage. With each new pregnancy, we were filled with the joy that comes from hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time, only to feel the devastation that accompanies that unwelcome silence at a later sonogram appointment.  

The issue of life is deeply personal to me, which is why I’m committed to protecting life from conception until natural death. It’s also why I’m dedicated to protecting vulnerable

children in our foster care system, children with special needs, and our parents and grandparents trying to live out their final years in peace and comfort.



Voters deserve to have confidence in the integrity of our elections. That’s why I support efforts to make it easier to vote through expanded early voting, while securing the ballot box to make it harder to cheat.

As a proud Hispanic-American, I reject claims that election integrity is designed to disenfranchise minority voters. Americans of all backgrounds should feel confident that they are participating in an election process that is free, fair, and secure.



The Texas Constitution requires the state to write a balanced budget that spends no more  than we receive in taxes, but nothing says we’re required to spend it all!

Our state budget should use your taxpayer dollars judiciously, prioritize the essential needs of the state, and return what’s left back to you, the taxpayer. After all, your household is expected to live within its means; your government should be no different.